Why Eco Friendly Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning?

My journey into the world of eco friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning is a personal one. During the 1980’s, I noticed that many of our cleaning detergents were being frequently re-blended, not only for improved performance, but also to bring them into line with changing Health and Safety requirements. It was at this time that I realised that some of their ingredients had the potential to be harmful, not only to me and my staff, but also my customers, their children & pets and the environment too. I then spent some considerable time investigating healthier and more eco-friendly alternatives.

My research was successful as I found a range of cleaning solutions that were based on food grade ingredients and after adapting cleaning equipment and procedures to suit, produced the desired high quality results, lower chemical usage and at a lower cost than previously possible.

Eco CleaningRecent developments have brought about a new generation of detergent free, eco friendly carpet cleaning solutions. There are several groups of these new generation of cleaning solutions, some manufactured from four different plant products and a lactic acid dairy extract to produce a fully biodegradable, Woolsafe Approved, detergent free, independently certified eco friendly carpet cleaning solution. Others are manufactured from food-grade salts and another from over 30 different plant extracts to produce a fully bio-degradeable active colloid which works down to a nano level.

A significant benefit of these new generation of detergent free cleaning solutions is that they freely rinse away with cold water, further reducing our carbon footprint. No wasteful energy use for heating our plain tap water rinse.

As well as our general carpet cleaning solutions, we often need to use solvent stain removers. At Ken Wainwright Of Alvechurch we avoid the use of traditional mineral solvents as safer alternatives are available. Our eco friendly solution to this problem is to work with water-linked solvents. The various products we use are made from the natural oils of products such as orange peel, soya, and corn oils.

Sustainable Cleaning is more than just the cleaning products and equipment. Our equipment is powered by clean-in-use electricity, we recycle packaging and other consumables, our vehicles are the smallest and most fuel efficient that will perform the task in hand, resulting in a further reduced carbon footprint.