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Tea Stains


Hot beverage spillages have the potential to permanently stain your valuable carpets. Tea has a natural pigment present in the form of tannin. Indeed, many crafts people will use tea as a natural and effective dye for their yarns and textiles.

It cannot be stressed too much how important β€œfirst aid” treatment is at the time of the spillage. See my blog entry below β€œSpillage First Aid”. Briefly, as much of the spillage is removed first before you try to treat the stain. This is done by absorbing the tea from the carpet by placing a folded cotton towel or cloth over the spillage and kneeding or dabbing to lift and absorb the liquid. NEVER rub or scrub. To finish off, or if only a small spillage, repeat the procedure with a few plain white paper kitchen towels folded into a pad. Repeat this procedure until the last paper towel you use remains dry. The more soil and spillage you remove in this way means you will have less soil to clean out later.

If the accident happens at a time when it would be inappropriate to treat the spillage, for example in the presence of visitors, merely placing a thick folded towel over the affected area and placing a weight of some description on top would be a second, but lesser option to the above.

For the cleaning action, mix some white distilled vinegar with cold water at between 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water, increasing the concentration to 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water for more severe staining. Test each and every batch of this solution on an out of sight area of the carpet to ensure that it does not cause any colour or texture damage.

Apply the vinegar solution using a small garden spray bottle with the nozzle set to a fine mist. Wear protective gloves. Starting at the outer perimeters, apply enough of the solution to the stain to wet out the pile of a small area, but not too much that it penetrates through to the carpet backing. Using a dry clean cotton terry towel or cloth, dab at the area to remove the applied liquid and you should see a reduction in the severity of the staining. NEVER rub or scrub. Repeat as required. Continue over the whole area until all of the stain has been treated. Finish off by absorbing any residual moisture with some folded white paper kitchen towels.

If necessary, you can speed dry the area afterwards by placing a fan to blow air over the treated carpet.

Any further treatment would require the use of a professional carpet cleaner who may be able to achieve better results.

Safe and happy cleaning πŸ™‚

Ken Wainwright