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Lily Pollen Stains

Lily pollen stains can be problematic if you do not know what to do. Incorrect processes can make the successful treatment of the stain more difficult or even impossible.

Lily pollen is a very oily and sticky substance which can easily be driven deeper into a textiles core or foundation.

NEVER rub, scrub or vacuum lily pollen.

NEVER apply water or detergent to lily pollen.

NEVER use a cloth or towel to absorb lily pollen, as you would with a liquid spillage.

For fresh accidents, try carefully and gently to lift the soil using sticky Selotape or similar. Keep using a clean area of tape for each “dab” and be careful not to redeposit lifted pollen elsewhere.

For more resistant deposits, a chemical approach will be necessary.

ALWAYS test every product you apply to a carpet or textile somewhere out of sight. Check for colour loss/change and texture damage.

Ventilate the room and keep all other persons away. Avoid naked flames. No smoking. Wear protective gloves and any other safety equipment as appropriate.  Apply a little surgical spirit to a clean towel or cloth and gently lift the pollen from the fabric or carpet with a gentle dabbing action. Many other solvents eg white spirit, will also perform well, but solvent residues may themselves create a greasy spot which itself may need to be cleaned.

If the above treatments are not successful, you may need to call a professional carpet cleaner for more advanced procedures to be carried out.

Safe and happy cleaning
Ken Wainwright