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“As Seen On TV”

There has been a lot of “buzz” both from customers and within our industry following an item on BBC’s Watchdog in their Rogue Trader section.

The BBC featured a company called  Enterprise Cleaning Services UK Limited from Wimborne in Dorset. It would appear that this company would “bait” a customer with a very attractive and unbelievably low price of £8.99 to clean two rooms of carpet. Upon arrival, the technician would inform the customer that the £8.99 service was merely a “maintenance” clean and would be ineffective on their carpet. A thorough deep clean was then offered at vastly inflated prices, often running into several hundred pounds.

At Ken Wainwright Of Alvechurch, our business ethics do not allow for this type of practice. Our various  KenDry carpet and upholstery cleaning systems are completed in their entirety to the highest standard. We charge one price for each carpet, or suite/chair, and, if required, one price for the application of Stainguard/Enviroshield.  We do not compromise on standards and we don’t compromise on value.

To add insult to injury, the Rogue Trader featured didn’t even vacuum the carpet first!  This is an essential part of the cleaning process as any dry soil such as sand, grit, hair etc. in the carpet would be turned into wet mud as soon as water hit the carpet. Vacuuming with a good quality upright vacuum cleaner is an essential process in the cleaning of your valuable carpets. See my blog KenDry Vacuuming Tips.

Safe and happy cleaning.

Ken Wainwright