Upholstery & Carpet Stain Protection

If your carpet or upholstery has just been cleaned or is brand new, right now is the best time to have it treated with our soil and stain resist protector. After application, regular vacuuming and quick attention to spots and spills will keep your home looking cleaner for much longer than it normally would without the protector and with much less chance of permanent staining and excessive wear.

Our soil and stain protector advantages checklist

  • Environmentally safe, non toxic, non-allergenic, invisible and odourless. Safe for pets too.
  • Wont change the feel, colour or breathability of your carpets or fabrics.
  • Protects your investment from food and drink accidents.
  • Extends the life of your carpets and upholstery fabrics.
  • Makes vacuuming more effective.
  • Repels oil, water and soil.
  • Reduces static build-up.
  • Lasts on your soft furnishings for a long time*.

*Reapplication is often needed only every 5 years. Main walkways may need a top up before then – ask our technician to reapply to these areas when he does his regular clean approximately every 18 months.

Liquid spills and soil can quickly make your carpets and fabrics appear old before their time. Now you can add years to the life of your investment with an economical treatment of our upholstery and carpet soil and stain resist protector.