Carpet Cleaning

Our eco friendly carpet cleaning solutions and procedures have been developed to produce quick drying, safe, fresh and beautifully cleaned carpets at an affordable price.

As there are many different types of carpet and soiling, we select the most appropriate carpet cleaning system(s) as required. This will typically be a technical decision based upon the results of our initial survey to ascertain the most appropriate method or combined methods for YOUR carpets.

The Kendry System

Carpet QuoteThe Kendry System is the result of many years of developing and honing a selection of carpet cleaning solutions and procedures which produce the highest quality cleaning results in the most environmentally considerate way possible.

The Kendry System is based on the traditional rinse/extraction method of carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, rinse/extraction sometimes had a poor reputation for slow drying. In the development of the Kendry System, by increasing the amount of preparation to remove dry and particulate soiling and softening and loosening of soluble soils, we have been able to reduce drying times to just a few short hours. It isn’t uncommon in favourable weather and environmental conditions, summer and winter, for carpets to be dry to the touch in one hour. Rinse/extraction cleaning is the most effective way for removing soil from the carpets in your home. The Kendry System takes this to a new level.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our Envirodri Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System utilises microsponges made from a natural 100% recycled material and are totally biodegradable. They are dermatologically balanced – pH 5.5 – (the same pH as human skin and wool fibres) making them safe to handle and use. The highly absorbent Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaner Microsponges are impregnated with environmentally aware cleaning formulae which leave no sticky residues to attract soil. The carpet is dry and ready for re-use immediately upon completion.

Semi-Dry Carpet Cleaning

We offer two different cleaning methods for semi-dry carpet cleaning. Both of these systems utilise specially designed rotary pad machines. The Kendry Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Maintenance System uses an effective detergent-free cleaning solution which conditions the soil to make for easy removal by the machine’s absorbent pad. For more demanding levels of soil, the Kendry Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Salvage System is a more intensive alternative. Our cleaning solutions for the semi-dry carpet cleaning systems can also be upgraded to a product that offers a soil retardant property. At NO extra charge!

The above are our primary eco friendly carpet cleaning systems. They can be used in isolation or combined with one another, to produce the cleanest, safest, eco-friendly carpet clean possible.

Soil And Stain Resist Carpet Protector

If your carpet has just been cleaned or is brand new, right now is the best time to treat it with our premium grade Carpet Protector. After application, regular vacuuming and quick attention to spots and spills will keep your home looking cleaner for much longer than it normally would without the protector and with much less chance of permanent staining and excessive wear.