KenDry Vacuuming Tips

Maintaining your carpets to a high standard between periodical, professional cleans is essential to their long and useful life expectancy. Typically, the most underestimated procedure is vacuuming.

Most carpet manufacturers will recommend a good quality upright style machine with a powered beater/brush bar, to be used on all carpets except wool loop and wool shagpile. For these two types, a pure suction (cylinder) machine is preferred.

When using an upright machine, people tend to move them back and forth quite quickly. This is fine for a quick, daily “litter pick” type of clean, but KenDry recommend that once a week, a more thorough process is used.

To remove much of the deeper down, impacted soil, the whole process should be performed more slowly. A steady pass forwards with the machine, then a slower return along the same area will produce the best results. In high use, turning and areas close to seating, it can be executed in an East-West direction followed by North South. For all other areas, just a North South pass one week, then East-West the next week.

Vacuuming a contract quality carpet

Finish the job off by attaching the long crevice tool to your vacuum hose and clean out the accumulated hair, dust etc. along the skirting boards and around door frames etc.

To use a pure suction vacuum on the more delicate wool loop and shag pile carpets, keep the brushes retracted and physically “work” the wand to provide the safe pile agitation to release the impacted soil.

With correct and regular vacuuming, dry particulate soil in your carpets will be kept to a minimum, the pile flattening that naturally occurs with most carpets will be slowed down and your carpets will look fresher and cleaner for longer.

Safe and happy cleaning 🙂